Why Do Men Act Like They are Interested In a Date Even if They Are Not?

sign-284245_640Men can be confusing. Well for most women men seem to be confusing, Women tend to overthink things and analyze bit by bit the scenarios that happen in their lives. Analyzing men is sometimes causes a girl to go crazy and flip out. I have had my fair share of men making me feel oh so pretty and all but in the end he’s just not into me.

Mixed Signals

The title of this article may be precariously long and too overwhelming but it puts it all there. Women want answers and that is what I came to write this bit about. I know how frustrating it can be to itch for that one line “Will you go out with me?” question. Let me site why men can seem to be a puzzle for us Girls

Men Are Usually Straight Forward

Men in general say what they mean, especially if you guys are already together. They normally put it out there if they like you. They analyze the situation and see the pros and cons and if they feel that blurting out the “date” word then they pretty much spelled it out for you.

If they seem nice and sweet but has not asked you to go out, they might only see you as a friend or they just don’t want to ruin the good thing you might have. Don’t assume that he likes you just because he is super friendly around you. Men like flirting too but it does not mean they really want to date you.

He Might See You as a Hard Prospect


Men don’t like losing. They are species of conquest and if they think that there is just someone or other guys who may be getting better points in having you, then he might just stay away. Being someone to compete for, makes them want you more but if they think that it is way too hard, and then they won’t go for it.

They don’t really over analyze the men around you. If you are surrounded with men and you’re not one of the boys, then probably he sees you as too unattainable. He will see the other men as competition and wouldn’t even bother to ask you if they are just your friends. You may need to step it up on this one. If you really like him, you might be the one to ask him out, even if you’re the pretty girl (especially if you are the pretty girls with many suitors).

He Is In Your Friend Zone

He might have already tried to send you some signals but he wasn’t sure if you’re just being friendly to him. Men also feel awkward to date a chum. He might have said something about coffee or playing PlayStation 4 in his living room but those are just his subtle ways to ask for a date. You need to let him ease into it. He might be a bit scared to be turned down. Don’t be afraid to be the one to ask him out if you really like him. On the other hand, if he really feels that the friendship is way too important and does not want to ruin it then he might not go for dating.

He Just Wants to Flirt

Well, you may already know this but some men are just born flirts. He enjoys the attention you give him. He feels really nice have cute conversations with you. He feels sexy when you throw jokes at each other. Some men are more flirtatious than others because that may be how they are hard wired or maybe that is just his nature. Some men have more testosterone in them increasing their need to come into contact with women or even mate. Unfortunately, men who have high testosterone levels normally have issues committing because biologically, they want to spread their seed.

Another reason why flirts don’t want to date exclusively is because there are way too many women they can run around with. He may just be trying to enjoy his time. You may think that he is a douche bag for being such, but you may need to see this in foresight. If you gathered intel beforehand that he is like that and you still think you can tame him then you’re probably wrong, but if you’d like to try I recommend reading this flirting advice and tips.


He is Just Way Too Busy

The guy you are eyeing may really want to go out with you. He may continuously text you and express that he likes you but never asks you out because he is just too busy. He may be swamped with work and can’t really find time to date. Make it easy for him by trying to be more flexible. You guys can hang-out during lunch breaks in between work. You may also eat take out at each other’s place to chill out. Be careful though, if he is a busy bee he may not be ready to fully give time for something serious.

He is Just Too Shy

Last but not the least is the shy guy. The shy guys is cute and smiles a lot. He can be friendly but he just don’t know how to say that he likes you. He gets too tongue twisted to say it out loud. Again, you might need to be the one to deliver the date message here. You may need to do something fun together for him to loosen up. Try going to an arcade place; it’s neutral and fun. In places like this he needs not talk much plus the light atmosphere can help ease the tension between the two of you. You just need to find some topics that both of you can enjoy talking about.

Men can be tricky at times. They are normally species of purpose. They do things for a simple reason that most women cannot decipher. We just need to find out the reason and set our plan into action. If he really, REALLY likes you, then he will do something about it.  But if you’d like to be proactive you can read some helpful hints here on what to do with a shy guy.




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