The Hard Task of Finding a Girl to Date


Dating can sometimes be daunting, even for men. Finding someone to date can be like a brain surgery for them too when they are but mechanics. Men get puzzled about how to navigate the dating scene and find a girl that he would like. Now once he finds that girl, sometimes there’s more to it. He can get all tongue tied and scared.

Media and generation and generations of social influence has often dictated to men what sort of woman to look for. But there is not a single cookie cutter woman that would fit into every man’s needs. Being good at keeping a house and having birthing hips are no longer the standards anymore. Face value is still given importance but some men just abhor women who are beautiful. So let us decode the journey of a man and why he finds it hard to find a girl to date.

Smart or Beautiful?

Men often ask themselves this question time and time again. Most men would not admit it but they still long for a pretty face that their friends would be envious of. It is part of their DNA, a healthy and pretty woman would signal a healthy and beautiful offspring. Men sometimes would really, really like a girl but if she is too plain or not pretty at all he may look the other way. Men are afraid to be jeered at during beer chugging sessions with their friends. It may sound superficial but really it’s not. They do go through sleepless nights wondering if the girl that is not so pretty would be great to date.

Men would also want someone who is smart. Smart girls are cool. Someone who can bit them at DOTA or Gran Turismo is freaking awesome for them. A girl who can talk business with them is pretty amazing. They long for women who are not airheads and don’t just talk about shopping all the time. Men appreciate women who have sense in them. But the problem is most men would say that most smart women are not pretty and most pretty women are not smart.

High Expectations

Men who got pampered by their loving mothers want women who are perfect no less. Their mothers and people around them always expected them to get the best girl. It does not matter if he was a short, fat, pimple faced teenager or a hot guy some men just were programmed to look for a complete package. This is one of the top causes they find it difficult to find a girl to date. I mean really dating her and not just for booty calls.


Men who are like this feel that women should be driven, have a nice career, look perfect all the time and also has a ton of knowledge in her head. Their moms would mostly tell them when they were young what to look for in a girl. He does not have to be a mama’s boy to be like this. Some men become like this because of the sheer influence of media. Media show how women should look like. Having smooth clear skin, beautiful hair as shown on shampoo commercials and can cook a blast due to all those food with mommy ads.

Not all men are like this. Most are sane and normal and would take into consideration that women are humans and not Barbie Dolls But media has its way of winding everyone’s brain to at least look for a certain trait that is high or hard to get. He may not be looking for all but he will be looking for something. There is nothing wrong with having standards, however if you have really high ones you may end up with a girl you don’t really like.

Beautiful Women Can be Intimidating

Oh yes you heard that right, women can intimidate men. Beautiful women can seem daunting and scary for them. Some men seem to hate beautiful women, but in truth they do like these women but they are scared of them. Men feel scared because normally beautiful women would only like handsome men or so most people think. Beautiful women are not all like that but they do have standards. They are not beautiful with zero effort, they look as such because they have invested time and money to look good for themselves and for others.

Beautiful girls are humans too. They do enjoy the company of people who make them feel at ease or pick their curiosity. They can date a guy who may not be super hot or rich just because they find them stimulating to talk to. Contrary to belief, not all pretty girls are brainless air heads who do nothing but shop. A lot of them are caring, kind and driven. Having the courage to talk to one may go a long way. You can find out more here with advice on talking to girls.

Do not belittle yourself just because you don’t have a six-pack abs or you don’t drive a Porsche. On the other hand don’t be over confident that you’ll get a hot chick just because you look like Adonis or have a bank account that can buy her a closet full of shoes. Women are all the same in the core, they want a caring and honest man; others may just like theirs looking nice and tidy.

You Have No Time

Dating needs time. Most girls don’t want to be treated like a doormat or a booty call. Some men spend tons of hours at work so that they can have lots of money to be able to afford a “cool” lifestyle. Women do care about how stable you are but they are mostly not after your money. They find men who have substance more interesting.

If you are totally busy, you can try finding a little time to meet her for coffee or lunch. Read this to find out why taking a lady to a coffee shop can make a great first date. You can eat lunch together. Try finding a date in your immediate zone since this takes too much busyness out of the picture. If she is your colleague it would be very easy to see her. A simple good morning call or text could help. But in the long run, you have to invest time on important things. Women need to be shown that you care about them too.

So Why is it Hard to Find a Girl to Date?

Actually dating does not need to be too difficult now a days. There are so many ways to find the girl you can mesh with. You can go on dating sites like Tinder, or other sites to find a girl. You can date someone from work. The reason why finding a date becomes difficult is because sometimes you are just too shy or have low self-esteem or put too much premium on a girl you want to go out with. Learning to manage your expectations can help you find the right girl. Girls are less complicated than you think. Anything you want in life needs time and effort. If you want to be successful in dating, you must put an effort on that

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