The Best Benefits of Finding a Girl to Date

The Best Benefits of Finding a Girl to Date

Everybody wants to find love. You may not want to admit it but whoever you are or whatever you are you would always want love in some form or another. Men are no different. Men even though they seem all macho and tough would also want to find a piece of heaven in this cruel world. They also feel lovey dovey as well. They do get goose bumps when a girl they like shows them interest. And yes, it might be you, the man reading the article wanting to find what are the benefits of finding a girl you can hang out with (or you might be the girl he is looking for and you are curious). So let us now talk about the BEST benefits of finding a girl to date.

No More Cold Lonely Nights

Well isn’t it obvious, it is sometimes nice to lay in bed and hog down all the covers in a cold winter, spring, autumn (or whatever the season is) night and have the bed to yourself. But sharing the bed with a nice cute, sexy, lovely, intelligent girl is way better. I mean who does not want to have someone to snuggle with then the snow is falling outside? And don’t get me started with sex here. I mean sex on a cold night is awesome; nothing gets your blood all fired up than an amazing sack session.

The Best Benefits of Finding a Girl to Date

I don’t mean sharing a bed as in living in but you know the time that instead of you counting the spider webs in the ceiling on a Saturday night, you would now be spending it romping in bed. And at some point if you do find yourself moving in with someone, then you can now play tag of war on who gets more of the blanket.

Having an Excuse to Watch Those Cheesy Flicks

Well a lot men would still not admit that they do enjoy watching those sappy movies. There is nothing wrong with watching those tear jerking romance flicks, in fact I love them. On the other hand, men have this macho image at times that they do want to protect. Romantic movies are not just for girls but men would often rather watch action or sci-fi movies. So having a girl to watch those will relieve you the worry of how to tell your buddies that you have watched the last Twilight movie and not be jeered at in your next drinking session. Let’s face it, romantic movies make you feel good. They make you happy and they do help fight stress; that is why we girls just love it. But if you’re a man and you just want to watch it alone, go ahead; the society is never in charge of your happiness.

Someone (Who Smells Good) That You Can Hang Out With

Yeah, hanging out with your buddies is load of fun. You get to play some hoops or some rowdy football. You can chug down beer and be merry all night long. You can even do gross things with one another. But hanging out with a girl does wonders for you. I mean you now notice that she does not give off that man smell that your chums have. She may be all out feminine and dress in dainty frills or she may be one of the boys and be like cool with playing with your Xbox but a girl is a girl. More often than not, they do care about being clean and would normally take a shower before hanging out with a boy. They know the importance of deodorants too (ROFL). I’m not saying that all your buddies are slobs and that they don’t take a bath, but sometimes it is nice and refreshing to spend time with someone from the opposite sex. It makes you see things from a different perspective.

A Caring Female Figure in Your Life (Aside From Your Mom)

Moms are simply the best. They are loving, caring and strong women who raise us to become better people. They are the women who give us love, support, can wipe away our tears, cure a boo-boo with a kiss, make us the best shepherd’s pie and also discipline us when we misbehave. But sometimes men look for those tender loving traits without the discipline part. Having a girl to date just brings that into the plate. She can make your day just by a mere text message asking you if you have had breakfast or sometimes she can even come over and bring you some. She can make you feel more confident about yourself when you are feeling down at work. She can be totally and insanely be sexy and yet she still can be that super angelic face that can make you go to bed with a smile. Having a woman in your life to date or to live with just makes things lovelier for you. Plus points if she can cook too (if not you can always order takeout).

A Great Girl to Date

A girl to date is someone who gets you. She is someone who understands you for who you are no matter what. She is someone who makes you smile and laugh. She is the girl whose text messages just makes your day. She is not clingy or boring. She is an independent woman who has her own life but still would like to share it with you. Finding that girl may be difficult, but if you do never ever let her go. A great girl to date is just one of a kind.

On the other hand don’t be a chauvinistic sexist pig as well and think that you are God’s gift to women. Don’t overrate yourself, but also don’t put yourself down. Dating is a two way street, both of you must meet somewhere in the middle. There would be many good times but there would also be difficult and challenging times that you just want to ditch one another. But if you think that this girl you are dating is worth staying with even with all her idiosyncrasies then by all means do. There is no perfect girl out there, there is but a girl who is like the other piece of shoe in the pair that would complete your life.









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