Relationship Advice How to Tell If A Guy Is Falling In Love


Dating is one of the best yet craziest things that can happen to a human being. We date because engrained in our DNA is the need to find that perfect mate. Once we have gone through the stages of dating, we meld together and become a couple. Some people only commit in a relationship once they are sure that they are in love with each other. On the other hand, some people go into a relationship since they see the potential of it even if they are not yet head over heels with the other person.

Men can commit in a relationship even if they are only in like and not yet in love. Men can easily separate love from sex and sometimes great sex can lead to a relationship for them. This does not mean they are shallow, it just means that sometimes they can be less emotional than women. So if your man has not said the “L” word then here are a few hints to help you know if he has finally fallen for you.

He Seems to Want to Say Something

Men tend to delay emotional talks because they are often scared of being rejected. They feel that they won’t be able to manage not being loved in return. Men sometimes take some time to process what they want to say. They try to compose the words in their heads. Contrary to the belief that men cannot be romantic, they also picture themselves sweeping you off your feet when he finally blurts out those three words.

If you sense your man is about to make the announcement don’t pressure him. Men hate it when they are forced to do or say something. Allow him to talk and listen to him intently. Even if he does not pop the words, it would score you bonus points for being a good listener. On the other hand if they guy has been your beaux for a long time like three years and he has not yet said it, don’t count on it. He probably would never do so. Being in a long term relationship and not loving the person is terrible. Save yourself the pain of waiting more years.

He Buys You Gifts


Men sometimes try to say things by material stuff. Even if we are now in the modern times and gone are the days that a man needs to slay a wild boar to show you their love, giving gifts is still a good sign that the guy wants to say “I love you” to you. Flowers and stuffed teddies are good signs of him trying to woe you. He may also try to get you a ticket for two to a romantic concert or a trip abroad. He is trying to give you hints. If you are brave enough it would be good to be the one to say the “love” word first. This takes off the pressure on him.

On the other hand if they guys does not pay you any attention but buys you gifts then probably this is a sign of cheating or maybe he just does not care about you but does not want a fight. Men see gifts as tokens of appreciation but these things are not supposed to replace affection.

He Spends Lots of Time With You

Most men cannot stand shopping or going to the mall with you but if he does then this is a very good sign. If he spends time with you on a Saturday night rather than chug beer with his buddies then it is a symbol of affection. You can detect that he is in love with you by looking into his eyes. If he gives you that look like he is seeing you for the first time then take that moment and tell him you love him. He might just be too shy to tell you that he loves you.

However if the guy hangs around your apartment all day but not doing anything and just eats junk food and plays video games then he might just be too lazy. If you really like him or love him then maybe you are in trouble. Men like being productive so if you guys have nothing to do he should or would probably want to do something in your place like fix stuff.

He Starts Playing Mushy Songs Around You

Boys may either love or hate romantic songs. On the other hand they would not play them out loud all the time. If he does so around you then he might be wanting to send you the message that he has fallen hard for you. Why not ask him for a slow dance to set the mood of telling his feelings to you. You also sing to the song just make sure your voice is not that terrible.

Men can still capable of serenading you. Music is a really good way to make you feel relaxed and it can help him as well. If he loves music, why not play songs around him and tell him that he can tell you anything.

Why Not Be the One to Say I Love You

I know, there is the stereotype that normally it is the man who confesses the love and all, but you know you are a strong and independent woman. Be brave and just let it out. If you guys are already in a relationship and you tell him you love him you have nothing to lose. If he does not tell you “I love you” back and he sticks in the relationship then it means he has affection for you but has not yet dealt with his feelings yet. Give him time. But if is forever and ever and he has not spilled the beans then maybe it is time to cut your losses short and move on.

Relationships are two way streets so both of you must work it out. Love is love but people need to hear those words to feel assured too. I hope you find happiness and love. Take care!




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