Is He a Player or a Keeper?


Well, well, well… the perpetual question that every woman would like to know. Is he a Player or a Keeper? Many females have cried their eyes because they thought that a certain man would be their Prince Charming ended up breaking their hearts into bits and pieces. On the other hand, some women have also thrown men out because they thought they were just not good enough for them. Many women also believe that she can tame a man and change him, but in the end all the effort was for nothing.

The Anatomy of a Player


A player is man who strings women along and is just not in it for the long haul. He is normally seen as the very cool guy. But do not be fooled it is not just men who exhibit swagger are players, there are men too who look kind and meek and nice but deep down inside they are players as well. They run around date women for sport. They will break your heart if you are not careful. Some players mask their games by using friendship, niceness or even work.

Let us talk about what makes a player.

  1. He is way too hairy – I mean no disrespect for all hairy men out there, but body hair means testosterone. If a guy has more body hair than others, it means he probably has more testosterone. This means that he is likely to seek out several mates more than a man who has less body hair. Another thing is having less hair on the top of his head because testosterone causes balding in men. If a man is filled with testosterone, he basically responds to visual stimulus that makes him more aggressive into finding a mate. But remember that not all hairy men are like this, it depends on how they view dating overall.
  2. He get guilty and weird when you try to see his phone – Checking someone’s phone is invasion of privacy, however, if a man tries to hide his phone even for taking selfies of the two of you or never leaves his phone behind with you even when he is going to the bathroom may mean a red flag. If he has nothing to hide he would be more carefree and would not need to hide anything from you. Don’t rummage through his phone every now and then. Actually you don’t even need to check it. Just his body language can tell the tell-tale signs if he is cheating on you or not. I mean texting none stop with someone. Male buddies don’t really gossip on their phones so if you see he glued on his phone and he is not browsing or anything then this maybe a sign.
  3. He says she’s just a friend or introduces you as his friend! – Well if a guy never gives you a name tag even if you’ve been dating him for two weeks can be a bit weird and fishy. He would at least say something like you guys are office friends but with a hint of something. But if he bluntly says you’re just his friend to people, then he may just be trying to avoid being put out of the market.

On the other hand, if he goes around with his so called “friend” and he acts weird about it, then probably she is not just a friend. He may be seeing someone else behind your back. Some women date men who are already taken. Being nice to women is one thing but being overly touchy feely to his “friends” is a big warning sign.

  1. He is never there for you. – You don’t exactly have to rely on him to do stuff for you, but of course it would be great to have someone to watch movies with, spend Saturday nights with or just hang out with. If he always cancels your plans to just be with other people, even if he is not playing around is a big sign that he is not a keeper. If he puts you behind all other things then wake up honey, you are not a door mat. He does not need to spend all his time on you but he should never take you for granted.

Then Who Could be a Keeper?


A keeper is a man who you can depend on. Sometimes this man can even be the man you can grow old with and never get bored talking to. Keepers are men you bring home to meet your dad and your old man just beams on him!

  1. He remembers dates and little things. – If a man pays attention to you, then it means that he will pay attention to you. He would try to know what your favorite movie is. He will make an effort to make you comfortable when you go and visit his place. This will show because he make an effort to tidy up a man cave which is usually messy. Keepers are men who would put a blanket on you when you seem a bit cold or give you their jacket. He would offer things to you and would try to make you smile.
  2. He is excited to see you. – It does not matter if you’ve been together for a long time, a keeper would always feel glad to see you. If you are just newly dating, he would be genuinely happy to spend time with you. I mean not just sex (though that is great too) but also like talk to you. He would like to hear your thoughts and feelings.
  3. He will make an effort for you. – Nothing is sweeter than a man who cooks for you, especially if he is a terrible cook. Men usually hate being not great at things, but doing this task to impress you would be something he would gladly do. He would try to show you a great time when you go out by choosing a nice restaurant and booking it in advance. He will try to set up your T.V. and entertainment system just to be around you.
  4. Your family actually likes him – I mean if he is a true keeper, he would put up with your family. Your family may be crazy but they would always, always be your family. Your dad would normally hate the guts of any guy who tries to trample on his princess’s feelings but your man would try to make an effort to get to know your family. He will try to visit you and your family and bring pizza. He will try to chat with your mom and offer to help in the kitchen. He will be a gentleman and he will make you smile as he moves around your family.
  5. He is a gentleman. – No chivalry is not dead, not at all. The act of treating a lady nicely is still a very good trait for a man. He does not necessarily need to spend money on you but being kind and gentle to you is always a plus. He should never try to show being too aggressive on you like shouting on you or mistreating you. Men who are gentlemen treat their ladies like they would treat their mothers.

So Will I Ever Find a Keeper?

I know you’re asking yourself if the guy you’re with now is a keeper or a player or if you will ever find a knight in shining armor. Despair not, there are still Romeos out there that will truly make your heart swell. Be c

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