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How To Get a Girlfriend?

Finding a girlfriend is no easy feat despite the modern times. We may have a lot of instant stuff like instant noodles, instant coffee and even instant messaging but having a girlfriend can’t be done instantly. You need patience, patience and more patience. Love does not come at easy price.

So how do you get a girlfriend? Well the main thing in finding a girlfriend is first finding love. You must first fall in love to get into a relationship. You need to find a girl who you like and would not want to put in a garbage bag after a few days.

Steps In Finding a Girlfriend

So there are a few easy steps in finding a girlfriend. You of course need to find the girl. You can do this by hanging out around people. If you stay at home all day playing video games you will never find someone. You can join clubs, you can hangout in libraries, you can work in Starbucks or McDonald’s. The list goes on.

Once you have the girl you like, the next thing you need to do is to impress her. Girls are suckers for all those romantic things they see online. They want guys to court them and pursue them. They may want flowers or a hot dog sandwich at 2AM. They want EFFORT. Girls can go crazy at times. Just be patient.

So when you given all the effort and she still does not mind you that much, you better take things a notch down. You need to slow down a bit. MAKE THE GIRL MISS YOU. Once she does miss you she will realize that she really likes you.

Lastly you need to ask her the question “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”. Never assume. Just because you hangout with each other a lot doesn’t mean you’re a couple already. This needs a mutual agreement that you want to date exclusively.

Once You’ve Found Her What Do You Do?

Once you’ve found the girl and she likes you back, then it’s time to have the relationship. When the two of you start dating and being a couple, you need to still put in some effort. You need to still do the romantic stuff. Otherwise, she will get tired of you. Got it?