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How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

Many people dislike the thought of LDRs – long distance relationships. Why? Because they’re difficult. Because they require a certain amount of strength, courage, trust, loyalty, honestly, discipline and patience that not all can muster. Yet many couples who have survived such relationships would say that being in an LDR may not be easy, but it is totally worth it.

But how do you survive being miles apart? How do keep your love alive despite being miles apart?

Tips on Surviving an LDR

If one partner moves to another country or miles and miles away then that’s an LDR. If both of you need to work in another country, then that’s an LDR. If you live in a totally different time zone, then that’s LDR.

LDR or Long Distance Relationship can be a bit tricky to manage but it is possible. If you think your love is worth the sacrifice then it can work. You just both need to be determined.

Tip #1: Stay in Touch

One of the killers of relationships is lack of communication, be it being together everyday or being miles apart. So if you want to keep your love strong despite the distance, you must make an effort to talk to each other.

You need to spend time to talk to each other for about thirty minutes to an hour a day. You need to both know the small details about each other’s day. You don’t just talk about the big stuff, you need to talk about the small stuff too. Why? Because being able to share the details of your days to someone builds a relationship. This builds trust and FRIENDSHIP.

Tip #2: Trust Each Other

The key to any good relationship is trust, more so for LDRs. Without trust, you will be crazy and be unable to think straight. You will spend sleepless nights thinking what the hell you’re partner is doing. Without trust you will start having fights.

Many relationship end because of the lack of trust.

On the other hand, you must deserve the trust your partner gives you. You must show how much you love the person and that you will not do anything to ruin their trust.

Tip #3: Loyalty

Loyalty and faithfulness go hand in hand in order to keep a relationship even if you are far away from each other. You can be miles apart but if you promise to be loyal and faithful you can make sure that your relationship lasts.

Temptations will come here and there but you ALWAYS NEED TO CHOOSE YOUR RELATIONSHIP. There will be “friendly” advances. Drunken nights but as long as you put in your head that you will not cheat, you can do it.

Don’t even think of flirting with other. Flirting tends to open a can of worms and leads to cheating.

Tip #3: Make an Effort

Even if he or she is far away, it should not stop you from sending gifts and cards on special occasions. Flowers can travel oceans. You can buy stuff online and have it sent to him or her. This little things boost dopamine, which in turn boosts happiness, which leads to a happier and lasting relationship.

Surprise each other. If you have money travel to where he or she is. Arrange for his or her friends to celebrate his or her birthday or you guys’ anniversary. Effort is key to relationship that lasts decades.

Tip #4: Be open minded and understanding

Yes, your partner has to allot some time to talk to you. He or she has to make an effort here and there, but sometimes he or she may encounter a time where he or she will be totally busy or swamped with work. Your partner may also want to go out with friends. He or she may want to travel and do things while you are away. Don’t treat him like a prisoner. Let him or her live and fly even if you are away.

Both of you should grow while you are apart. You need to experience things. As long as you are faithful and don’t neglect each other, then by all means allow him or her to live life.

Tip #5 Make Plans Together

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your future together. You are not wandering endlessly towards nothing. You need to grow together by planning thing to come. Plan to see each other every so often and do fun stuff together when you are together.

Plan about the things you want to share. If you are engaged or married plan your life together. What do you want to do when you get together? Do you want to buy a house? Do you want to live together at some point.

Work towards your plan and enjoy life as you wait for the day you are together.

To LDR or To Not To LDR?

LDR is not a death sentence to a relationship. You can make it work. If you are put in a situation where one needs to move away, don’t break up. If you think this person is your soulmate don’t throw it away. You may be apart for a time but if you truly love each other, your relationship can survive.